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Hertfordshire Newborn and Family Photographer based in Hitchin


Thank you so much for being here!

It makes me so happy, that I could be your chosen photographer to capture what could quite possibly be, some of the most special moments in your life.


I specialise in photographing Maternity, newborns and families. Whichever one you are here for, I look forward to talking with you.

I've loved taking photos since the days of throw away cameras, when I realised I actually had the eye for it, I decided to learn the skill and see what it takes  to become the best photographer I can be, And with every image, I am one step closer!

Before being a photographer, I was a nanny for many years which has hugely benefited my business because it takes a lot of time and patience to get the best photos of your children.

It brings me great joy capturing you with your children, even if it's just you, strolling across a field, hand in hand, or watching your child run wild and explore, grinning from ear to ear!

A natural approach is at the core of my photography style because I truly believe the best photos are when you are just being you and I promise you will treasure them for a lifetime!


When I am not busy capturing moments, I am busy making my own... 

Walks with our rescue dog, Ziggy

Sun, sea & sand between my toes. Being by the sea, swimming in the sea makes my heart happy!   

Wine... of course!

Travel, I like to go places

Friends - The series, still obssesed! 

Country music!

Enough about me, fancy a chat? Pop me a note here 

coffee, I love finding quirky little coffee shops! 

Cold water therapy - not tried it? you should!

The sea, did I mention the sea?

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